Hit play and change your life.

Grow better relationships, craft more successful teams, and manage complex work environments.


 A Snack-Filled Toolbox For A More Profitable Life  

 Short, humorous videos with dynamic worksheets and activity prompts.

Small shifts that lead to big impact.

Sure, change is scary and sometimes difficult. That's why we're making it as easy as having a SNACK. We've got bite-sized learning that'll teach you to communicate, respond and interact more effectively, more profitably with other humans. 

Go ahead! Nourish yourself with a SNACK.

Snack-Sized Skills is a rich library of soft skills resources. 

Here are some of our topics and titles:

*  Communication Basics - Building Your Interpersonal Infrastructure (5 videos)
*  Conflict Conversations - You CAN Have Tough Conversations Well (3 videos)
*  Networking - A Plan, A Process & A Strategy to Build Connections (3 videos)
*  Working Well With Others - Navigating Your Work Environment (7 videos)
*  The ABC's of Negotiation (1 video)
*  3 Communication Truths (and a Lie...) (1 video)
*  Public Speaking - Presenting Your Authentic Best Self (5 videos)

Each SNACK comes with a SNACK WRAPPER - our version of a worksheet, that reinforces the material and engages the participant in a different way.

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Hello There!

I'm LB Adams

Most people aren't born with brilliant or innate interpersonal skills. I sure wasn't! I'm basically a shy introvert. During my time in the theatre and through a long and varied career path, I found my voice, my place and my skills. 

Now it's my mission to help people just like you (and me!) build the skills and the strategies that help us show up in our lives as the people we most want to be, by understanding how to get what you want and need with greater communication skills. 

Welcome to Snack-Sized Skills!